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Our Offer

The basic goal of the SLY PROJEKT company is the realization of services, which completely fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers. This rule is adopted by the whole team and is based on the following aspects:

We offer a broad spectrum of extensively and professionally realized services, such as:

  • Conceptions, building permit design and detailed design of extensive traffic systems, as well as motorways, express ways, province, district and communal roads, internal ways, streets, places, parking lots etc.,
  • Environmental impact studies and environment protection planning,
  • Traffic management planning - final state and temporary plans during the construction period, traffic lights planning,
  • Blank estimates, investor preliminary cost estimate, bill of quantities
  • Extensive realization of construction and legal procedures: elaboration of expert's assessments and technical appraisals, receipt of all necessary statements, settlements, permission and administrative resolutions (including registrations, building permit, permission for realization).
We also realize numerous documentations for the complete technical infrastructure, related to leading the line investments, i.e.:
  • Design of engineering constructions, such as: retaining walls, culverts, constructions for acoustic baffles, footbridges, road and railway overpasses, bridges, earthworks,
  • Redevelopment designs of external equipment, which collide with the designed road,
  • Design of sanitary canalization and purification plants for rain water,
  • Design of gas networks,
  • Design of water pipeline networks,
  • Design of overhead and cable energy lines,
  • Design of telecommunications network,
  • Design of road, street and junction lighting,
  • Design of ventilation, signalling and fire protection systems,
  • Investigation and planning the green areas,
  • Geological and geotechnical works and documentations,
  • Design of road construction, examination of wheel load capacity,
  • Appraisals, expert's assessments and others
as well as supplementary works, accompanying the developing process of technical documentations:
  • Acquisition of land survey and height maps,
  • Processing and calibration of geodesy raster documents,
  • Preparation of data and elaboration of digital land models,
  • Measurement of the deflections of susceptible road pavements,
  • Computer-aided visualization of design,
  • Elaboration of studies and analyses in order to choose the most favorable design solution,
  • Elaboration of documents being necessary for the fulfillment of the traffic investments localization procedure,
  • Elaboration of documents and acquiring all the necessary appraisals, statements and permissions for the realization of the investment in the name of the investor,
  • Preparation of documents and acquiring the necessary approvals concerning the technical utilities,
  • Elaboration of the detailed Commissioning Reports
  • Project architect's supervisions
  • Elaboration of design and tender documentations in accordance with EU standards